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How are the cancellation conditions?

We are often asked this on the phone. The second COVID-19 shutdown was a shock for the entire hotel industry. Many large hotels and city hotels considered what they could do to prevent guests from panicking and canceling their already made bookings. The answer was: Relaxed cancellation conditions, or even none at all!

We thought about it for a long time but ultimately decided not to play with the cancellation conditions. For many major providers, guests can book and cancel at short notice. This may work for these large establishments. However, when it comes to group inquiries, we can only accommodate one group at a time. Employees are assigned for that specific group, and we cannot simultaneously accommodate additional group bookings. If a group cancels at short notice, the booked rooms cannot be sold last minute. This becomes problematic as we also need to plan for our staff, and it's unfortunate when others would have liked to come.

In our family-run business, it's almost like a "workshop": each apartment and room is unique, and every guest has their favorite. Typically, guests stay with us for 12 nights, especially during New Year's Eve or in the summer.

We consciously chose not to participate in this game! We want to offer a good deal for our guests – both in 2024 and 2025. For this, we need security. We also need to plan for our employees; we want to keep them employed, even in 2024.

One of our individual vacation rentals or one of our lovely rooms that are canceled at short notice often does not get resold, especially during our peak seasons over New Year's Eve and in the summer. And it's a shame when others would have liked to come.
In the event of a cancellation, we are committed in good faith to attempt to reassign unused rooms or vacation rentals wherever possible to avoid losses. If reassignment of the room or vacation rental has not been possible, the guest is responsible for the loss (90% of the agreed total price).

By the way, most cancellation insurances do not include pandemic coverage. However, the Ergo Travel Insurance also provides protection for Covid-19 as a reason for cancellation. Here is the link:

pencil reservation for the pre and post seasons of 2024 or 2025?

We completely understand if someone is hesitant to book a vacation right now. You have the option to make a "PENCIL RESERVATION" for the pre and post seasons: This means you are not making a binding reservation yet, but you have a "preliminary right" to your desired apartment or room for your preferred dates. If another guest wishes to make a binding reservation for the same apartment/room on the same dates, we will personally inform you. In this case, you will need to decide quickly whether you want to confirm the reservation for your desired apartment/room on your preferred dates. Only then will we send you a confirmation with all the details for the deposit. If you choose not to make an immediate, binding reservation, we will offer the apartment/room to the other interested party for a confirmed booking.

travel cancellation insurance

We recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance: We strongly advise you to take out this coverage.

In the event of a cancellation, we will calculate, in accordance with §§ 535 ff. of the German Civil Code (BGB), 90% of the contractually agreed total price. There is no free statutory right of withdrawal for the customer.

To maintain our affordable prices at the Golden Rooster, we depend heavily on high occupancy. This is crucial for sustaining our excellent price-performance ratio. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our guests consider purchasing travel cancellation insurance. As a small family-run business, we unfortunately cannot absorb the costs incurred due to cancellations.

Link to European Travel Cancellation Insurance:

If you choose not to take out cancellation insurance, by completing the contract, you confirm that in the event of a cancellation, you will bear the costs yourself (90%).